What surprised me about my work experience at a Hospital…

During my work experience at St George’s Hospital I learnt a lot which maybe I didn’t quite expect but nevertheless widened my knowledge of the healthcare profession. Here are 3 things that particularly stood out to me…

On the first day I was sitting in the outpatients clinic of the cardiothoracic unit in the Hospital and I realised through many of the consultations the importance of following up with the patients and keeping them informed about the outcome of their treatment. One man, although well informed before hand, was very upset at the time taken for recovery. He had 3 coronary artery bypasses and after 3 months was experiencing pain in his chest and trouble with breathing and walking as well as suffering from depression. After many scans it was established he was on a healthy route to recovery however he was still disappointed . The doctor then de-esculated the situation by remaining calm and communicating. He emphasised and listened to the patient, comforting him and he displayed excellent qualities which are important in a doctor. I found the way in which he handled the situation a great learning experience for me truly inspiring.

Something that particularly stood out to me throughout my whole placement was the importance of teamwork skills used in working in a multidisciplinary team. It had become second nature to these doctors and throughout the operation it really highlighted the importance of communication between all teams for example between the anaesthetist and the surgeon or between the nurses and the doctors, every member of the team played a vital role in ensuring patient safety.

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